Golek - Heine - Roelofs

Flight of the Ant

Golek – Heine - Roelofs

CD ‘Flight of the Ant’ (2019)

The music of Golek - Heine - Roelofs originates in the organ/ guitar/ drums/ jazz tradition. It expands further, using effects, percussion and their voices as well as mixing different musical directions such as middle- Eastern folk, asymmetrical grooves and contemporary jazz.

The original compositions by all three members tell stories of their different geographical and musical backgrounds, creating a soundtrack for everyday life scenes about play, work, deep reflection and enjoyment. This makes the music cinematic at times, inviting the listener to an internal world of soundscapes viewed from above.

The three versatile musicians of Golek - Heine - Roelofs have played with various world- class performers, and here are joining forces to create an exciting pallet of music, mixing the diligence and dedication of the ant along with the wide horizons seen from the heights of a flying bird. It's time for Flight of the Ant!

David Golek

David Golek S
Guitarist & composer David Golek is active in the Jazz scene as well as in World-music groups. His personal recognisable style and music language suit a wide range of musical directions. David has always been first and foremost interested in expressing his own musical identity, inspired by his roots & life journey.

Having a classical and jazz music education, living in different parts of the world and speaking several languages, was a base to always want to widen his musical horizons & perspective on one side, and connect to his roots on the other, which in his case is not a trivial question.

After years of studying classical piano David switched to guitar which he learned on his own for several years, till he decided to join higher music education focusing on jazz & improvisation. Besides his own projects, David is involved with various groups, as a sideman, from straight-ahead to modern jazz, Ethnic and World-music oriented groups, to collaboration with modern dance projects and film. David‘s own music would be a cross road of all these experiences, including Jewish and middle eastern influences, as well as film music.

David has played concerts or recorded with a range of outstanding musicians, among others with Benny Bailey, Ravi Coltrane Lonnie Smith, Walter' Blending, Wycliff Gordon, Ron Westray, Arnie Lawrence, Philip Harper, Dale Barlow, Michael Moore, Gary Smulyan, Dick Oats, Franck Amsallem, Simin Tander, Ferdinand Povel, John Ruocco, Anthony Cox, Alex Coke. Eli Degihri, Avishai Cohen, Dmitry Shapko, Nelson Latif, Ana Beck, Jimmy Omonga, Odrey Shakir, Maria Jose Ortiz and many more.

His latest cd with his group Tiltan was voted in category ‘Best 5 World-music cd‘s of the year 2014' and ‘Best 20 cd‘s of the year 2014' in the summary edition of ‘Het Parool‘, one of the Netherlands main newspapers. His last cd ‘A Road Less Traveled' was highly acclaimed in national & international press.


Mike Roelofs

Mike Roelofs S
Mike Roelofs: "Although my main focus is playing improvised music, I love to be involved in other projects as well. I like to be as open as I can towards other styles of music and the musicians who make that music happen. There is always something new to learn.

Being a sound freak, I have a great passion for the ‘old’ keyboard instruments such as the Hammond Organ, the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner Clavinet. I exclusively play the 'real thing’ because they inspire me. Maybe therefore, I’ve been fortunate to be part of a lot of recording studio projects. But whether it’s a live performance or a studio session, for me authenticity is the most important thing. I’m always searching for my own voice within the music, so to speak, as well as supporting the band. It could take me a lifetime to eventually find what I’m looking for If I find it at all, but that’s OK. For me it’s all about the journey."

Jury of the Glenn Corneille Talent Award, Danny Sahupala, Bert van den Brink and Geert Roelofs: "Mike Roelofs has an extraordinary control over his instrument. Furthermore, he isn’t confined to just one style. And he composes, arranges, initiates, organizes, produces, improvises and is deployable both as frontman and as sideman. He gives solo performances on the most diversified musical traditions and still maintains a voice of his own. A wayward musician that should be given room to do his own thing."

Awards: Annie M.G. Schmidtprijs - winner best composition in Dutch Theaters 2013. Winner best composition Dutch Jazz Competition 2008. Winner Glenn Corneille Talent Award 2008. Winner Jerry van Rooyen Award 2007. Winner Frisian Crossover Competition 2002. Winner Concours Chambre Ceramique 2001.
Semi finalist Dutch Jazz Competition 2005. Semi finalist International Songwriting Competition 2006.


Achim Heine

Achim Heine is a melodic jazz drummer, broadly inspired musician and versatile percussionist. He is creating music in a highly concentrated and genuine atmosphere that is sharp and precise as well as easygoing and accessible. He enjoys communicating in this way with his audience and fellow musicians.

He developed this approach during his studies at the conservatory of Amsterdam, where he received the master degree in 2006, and on his study trips to New York, Ghana, India and Senegal. At this moment he is drummer/ percussionist in various formations, such as Golek - Heine - Roelofs, earswideopen and Twitching Eye Trio.
‘Trommelvuur’ is one of his music theatre projects, which was performed more than 200 times between 2009 and 2015, and culminated in a China tour in 2016 under the name ‘Three brothers’.

He also teaches at two music schools and is a regular guest teacher at the conservatory of Amsterdam.

Achim Heine appears on various cd’s in the jazz and world music field, and has performed in the United States, Jordan, Greece, China, Senegal, Ghana, China, Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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